Design Tips to Decorate Small Living Rooms

In today’s times, lack of space can bethe main issue while planning the home interiors. A small living room can easily turn into a cluttered space if you don’t plan the interiors effectively. There’s a place for everything, only if you know how to work around it! Sometimes it takes a creative genius or a professional to turn a small living room into a beautiful space to entertain friends and family. If you’re looking for some neat ideas, check out these small living room designs. 

Use of White



This is a very simple trick to maximize space! Use of white on the walls, furniture and upholstery creates an illusion of a larger room as it bounces light off the surface. Combine with a wooden floor and an attractive center table and voila! You have a magnificent room that simply shows your ability to overcome issues to make the best use of the available space.

Similar Colour Palette  

        Similar-Colour-small-living room-designs

When white is not your cup of tea, stick to using a certain tonal value for the living room. If you are lucky to have large windows, prop your sofa set near the source of light. Use contrast pastel shades for the pillow covers and throw in your favourite rug. Allow the eye to travel with ease without using complicated patterns and centertables.

Create Linear Patterns


Whether it’s the drapes or the furniture design, create an illusion of vertical lines. This will draw the eye to look vertically and create an illusion of a taller room. This is also suitable for rooms with a low ceiling.

Add a Bold Colour


Sometimes, you may have a favourite sofa set in a deep colour and you don’t really want to change that! In that case, prop it against a bold coloured wall so that when a person enters, it’s the wall that catches the first attention. This reduces the feel of cramped space around the furniture.

Did you notice the mirror on the wall? It’s also a neat idea to create the vision of a larger room. Balance with a light center table and wall hangings in white.

We hope you use these design tips effectively to maximize the space available in your small living room. 


by Kapil Agarwal

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