Decorating your Kids Room Things to keep in mind

Decorating your kid’s room should always be based on being attractive and fun. Right from the décor ideas and layout design down to the colors used in the room, the whole theme for the room needs to give a charming appeal and a happy atmosphere for the room. The three elements around which you need to base the design and decor of the Kid’s room are:


The first and most important decision you will have to make is selecting the color. Always go for bright colors and warm shades, in order to give a comfortable and welcoming look to the room. You can also go for a few additional hues to add a distinctive touch to the looks of the room. Also, make sure that the ceiling is considered as a different surface and a color, different from the walls in the room, is applied on the ceiling. However, the main decision about the selection of colors depends on your kid. After all, he/she will be spending a lot of time in the room and should have the final say in color selection.

Space and Scale

Make sure that your kid’s room is as uncluttered as possible. Every kid needs space to play in the room and even just roll around and do nothing. Making sure that your kid has access to as much space as possible in the room will ensure that he/she has enough space to build block cities, try out clay modeling and even play with the puppy.



Since the idea behind giving them a separate room is to instill a sense of independence, make sure that all the cabinets and shelves in the room are to their scale and the kids don’t have to struggle to reach for their favorite book.





Last but not the least, ensuring that the room has enough storage capacity for all the stuff is very important. In case of kids, there is often no limit to toys and other things that need to be stored. It is always a good idea for the room to have well placed cabinets. Also, you can place small toy boxes that could fit in under the beds and also double up as play things, keeping the idea of fun alive in storage as well.

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