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Both furniture and furnishings have been an important element of civilization ever since the ancient Neolithic period of 2500BC. It elucidates the living standards of a place by filling up empty spaces with the volumes of decorative relevance. Whereas furniture is designed with multiple functional aspects as defined by their respective usages – beds will be used to rest and sleep, cupboards are used for storage, shelves can be used to categorize accessories according to our needs while a door provides us with the desired privacy; furnishings such as carpets, curtains, etc. help to add another dimension to the space making it more comfortable to live in. 

Firstly, let’s take a look at a few ideas that can help you break away from the traditional furniture designs and use:

1. Multipurpose Dining Room Chair

Tired of replacing your old and cranky dining furniture? Well you might want to think again as these vintage designs can be turned into cozy indoor-outdoor seating arrangements. The vintage finish adds a distinctive element to the looks of the place where the piece is placed.

2. A Craft Table for Kids

Old cribs can be refurbished into amazing small kid size craft tables, with a beautiful lacquer finish on the top surface. The kids would simply adore your initiative to provide them with a modern platform to craft their imagination on a wooden craft bench, complementing your empty storage with creative finishing.

3. Wooden Ladders as Towel Racks

Is there a shabby wooden ladder helplessly occupying half of your storage space in your beautiful home? A little bit of surface leveling with teak oil finish can make it a coveted piece of multi-functional furniture in your storage laundry or wash room. Wooden ladders can be used as towel support racks and also for drying sensitive whites.   

4. Bookshelf as a Locker

An old bookshelf that adds a touch of seriousness can be renovated to act as a multipurpose locker. It can provide you with great space to hang your back packs or even act as fancy shoe storage. Designer baskets on every level of the shelf can also offer a multi-functional storage for toys, umbrellas and everyday accessories. 

5. Refurbished TV Hutch

Antique wooden compartment television sets that used to grace our living rooms with family sitting sessions for the previous generations can be turned into multi compartment magazine shelves. These unique and innovative shelves will not only supplement your living room with modern looks but will occupy less space providing with more storage for the urban household requirement.

In addition, you must also be looking out for such alternatives which can help you make an ingenious use of the limited space in your home or to utilize that extra space in your mansion, which has been for long remained vacant. 

Well, we bring to you a solution to your problem with the accommodating sofa bed which can prove to be a problem solver in either case. It is particularly an ideal option for saving the space if you have a small home which does not comprise a guest room. Whenever you need an extra bed for your guests, the one thing that can prove to be your savior is a sofa bed. Instead of asking yourself why to buy a sofa bed ask yourself why not to go for a sofa bed for your home as it serves multiple purpose of adorning your space, providing seating options and functioning as bed whenever required.

The least expensive and simplest choice for sofa bed comprises foam mattresses. As they are not suitable for daily usage, they can be used occasionally only. There are many different types of sofa beds that can provide you various functional benefits. Let us take a closer look at them:

1. Clic-clac Sofa Bed

Clic-clac sofa beds are very simple to operate and can be easily converted from sofa to bed and vice versa. Usually armless, these sofa bed makes “clic-clac” sound to indicate that the position of the sofa back is fixed to be used as either sofa or bed hence, its name.

2. Futons

Futons are clic-clac sofa beds with visible wooden or steel frames. They are an ideal option for moderate size contemporary apartments due to their modern looks and sleeping and seating provisions that they offer. They are more suitable for bedrooms rather than living rooms.

3. Metal Action Sofa Bed

If you want to go for a more rough and tough choice for your sofa bed that can be used on daily basis, then metal action can prove to be an ideal choice. It is different from others in terms of positioning of the mattress and its height above the floor supported by metal legs to be elevated at the same level as of the sofa seats.

4. Ottoman Sofa Bed

Available in an assorted range of colors and styles, ottoman sofa bed is like any other sofa bed sometimes with an extension to the couch for resting your foot.
After taking a break from the traditional furniture and making an ingenious use of both your limited space and unused corners, it is not possible to let slip yet another style of furniture which is quite trending these days.  

Well, how about having furniture created of plant material for your living room? If you are thinking on the same line, then wicker furniture will prove to be an ideal choice for the furniture of your living room. Durability, smart looks, light weight, easy portability and eco friendly are some of the key features that define wicker furniture. Wicker furniture is made up of plants such as reeds, bamboo, rattan and willow. It is a common misconception that wicker furniture cannot provide style quotient to your living room. Let us explore below some of the wicker furniture with unique style quotients:

1. Sophisticated Living Room Wicker Furniture

It is amazing to see how wicker furniture with relaxed and casual looks can enhance the beauty of the most sophisticated places like living room of your home.

2. Contemporary Living Room Wicker Furniture

The wicker furniture in the picture below is an example that how wicker furniture can be created and used to fit into a contemporary living room without losing its originality. 

3. Eco-Friendly Living Room Wicker Furniture

If you are a nature lover then you can opt for one of the most eco friendly options as eco friendly wicker furniture for your living room. Apart from adorning the beauty of your living room it can provide an ambience inspired from nature to your living room.

4. Comfortable Living Room Wicker Furniture

The wicker furniture can provide both comfortable and a trendy look at the same time. It matches well with wooden floors and is synonymous to comfort in every possible way.

There are other styles that can be created by using different types of wicker furniture for your living room. These styles include versatile, unique, eclectic, casual, cozy, trendy, smart, chic and many more. You can use your imagination, creativity and personal style to decorate your living room with wicker furniture. The moment your guests will step into your living room they will be able to make out the difference between the aura created by furniture made up of other material and wicker furniture. The compelling natural beauty of wicker furniture is refreshing and something to look for.

Other than making an apt selection of furniture for your home, other factor which we all must take into account is how we plan their arrangements. Hence, ‘planning’  is always an important ingredient of every venture be it big or small – whether you are buying a new home or redesigning an existing one or even arranging furniture in your home. 

Due to no or poor planning, it is often seen that furniture is ill placed which spoils the overall image of your home.  So devote a little forethought and draw a plan to arrange or re-arrange your furniture to make your space both functional and comfortable.  Besides, here a few important things which you should also take into account to enhance its curb appeal and create a better flow of traffic within:

1. Evaluate your Space

• First clear your space so that you can have an unhindered view of the area.

• Decide what purpose the room will serve, for instance, if it’s a living room you need to make the space more conversational and inviting by placing heavy pieces of furniture first and then the light furniture such as chairs, table, plant stands etc. after determining how the space will look like and also to see if it’s not obstructing the view or making it difficult to maneuver across the room or around furniture.   

• If it’s a multifunctional room, for instance a living room or a dining room use the back of a couch or sofa table to work as a room divider without blocking the impression and flow of the room.

• If you want to create focal points which look natural, then big artwork, dramatic curtains or an artistically designed piece of furniture can be placed for a great visual appeal.

2. Some Tips to Create a Balanced Room

• Don’t stick all your furniture to the walls, rather use the space centre to bring more depth to the space and use spectacular array of lights, mirrors and tables to  further enhance the appeal.

• Use such paintings and colors that will illuminate the space and work advantageously for the furniture as dull colors and lights will only blanket its charm.  Things such as bright colors, decorative art, throw pillows, picture frames, draperies, etc. will add more punch to the furniture and room as a whole.
Irrefutably, home is one’s blissful abode which you bring to life with the brush strokes of your creativity, artistic tastes and wings of desires. You can never have enough of everything in your home as there will always be a room for more. However, to complete the picture and make your home furnishing project come to a full circle, you will be required to put in some more efforts in terms of giving the space a final touch with exotic looking curtains, carpets and other accessories. 

While there are an umpteen number of options that you can choose, you have to pick up such pieces that perfectly gel with your home furniture. For the most excellent home furnishings, you can opt from an overwhelming range of styles, such as French, American, Swedish, Victorian, English, Oriental or Southwest. If you have got a taste for Oriental designing, then paper lanterns, porcelain knick-knacks, book cases and cabinets would be the ideal pick. You can also go for a mix-and-match method where you can buy Victorian lamps, rugs, crouches and chairs to ooze out a distinct flavor which will simply be awe inspiring for your guests.

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