Decor for Your Media Room

Many homeowners prefer to convert their extra bedroom into a luxury media room. Essentially a media room is a space that has been designed to create and enhance the cinematic experience within the confines of home.  A media room is usually fitted with large flat screen televisions or projection screens, a state of the art home theatre system, ample seating and soft lighting.

If you are looking to convert your spare bedroom, into a media room – we bring you a few simple tips.

Multifunctional Room

Many homeowners want to dedicate an entire room as a media centre, while many prefer hosting parties, gatherings in the media room. You can ask your interior designer to also provide options for a bar and a game room.

Avoid Open Wiring



Exposed wiring can damage the aesthetic appeal of your media room. Ask your electrician to connect your flat-panel displays, AV equipment and speakers using concealed wiring so as to avoid unsightly wires peeking out.


In your media room, it is important to ensure that furniture has the proper ventilation needed to keep you’re the various AV equipment from overheating. Additionally ensure that there is adequatestructural reinforcement needed to support heavy gear.

Perfect Lighting

Since the screen is the main source of lighting, you can opt for recessed lighting with wall scone with option to brighten or dim the lights as per your requirement.




It is essential that the seating in a media room, be extremely comfortable. Select plush, comfortable seats such as recliners or single sofas with plenty of cozy cushions and throw blankets.

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