Creative Flooring Ideas and Designs

Creativity can majorly extend not just to the Furniture, Furnishings et all, but definitely to Floorings too. Be it any range of Marble, Stone, Wood or Tiles, Floors can look rationally exquisite.

As seen in the image below, one could go the subtle route with tiles in the same hue family but different textures and patterns to create accents or define spaces. Or,one could be bold and choose some highly decorative tiles and contrast them with others for a striking effect - like giving the illusion of an area rug.



 Lets speak on some really Ultra Modern Flooring, using elements rarely tried

This stand alone Mini Jacuzzi, is enveloped in Wood, Stones & Anti Skid Tiles.

A shade of Natural Teak Wood, of a superior quality has been selected, combined with some Pebbles & Grey Tiles. The Tile Shade is a tad lighter than the Stone, to lend just the right effect.

The Blueness of the water, White Wooden Shelfs & Fittings,all create a calmness that this Concept demands. Very sophisticated and unique.

Worth trying if space permits!

On the other hand, following straight lines in a Space with the right soft cushioned Wooden Flooring for comfort and function, can give the WOW factor.

Sleekly done Panels in a light tone of Teak, can not only make the Room look Spacious & Vast, but classy too.

Follow it up with Contemporary Line Work in Furniture, with soft turns, combining Dark Grey and White, some Abstract Modern Art on the Walls, and one has an ambience that is different and sharp.



 by Kapil Agarwal

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