Creating a Home Gym for Fitness Lovers

With the festive season fast approaching, who can resist sweets! This is the toughest time for the fitness conscious and those who hardly have any scope to hit the gym.

Creating a home gym is the most suitable option when you are hard pressed for time. This way you burn calories faster in the comfort of your home and don’t have large membership fees to worry about. Designing a home gym is not as difficult as you think. It’s time to cut down on your excuses and take a look at these beautiful designs to create a home gym. 

Home Gym in the Basement

If your constant worry is the lack of space, turn it into an advantage. Have a basement? Great! Firstly, remove the pile of junk. Then take a look at the available space. Invest in basic gym equipment according to your requirement. Look for a rack to store your workout essentials. Add a mirror to keep a watch on your exercise postures.

Home Gym in the Garage


Independent houses can transform unused garage spaces into a peaceful workout area. For the garage, you need to ensure ample lighting source. Invest in gym equipment that fits into the available space. You would need to take the compact dimensions into account to avoid injury or inconvenience.

Home Gym in the Spare Room


If you have a spare room, converting it into a home gym can be done with ease. This can be the space for your family to work out together. So create a beautiful and motivating decor to inspire everyone to stick to the gym routine. Get creative and add a fresh splash of colour on the wall along with pretty storage areas. Use wall decals with messages that motivate a person to focus during a tough gym session. In the absence of an instructor, your decor will play a major role to create a home gym that is pumped up with energy. 

We hope you are already motivated to design your home gym. Do share your ideas too!


by Kapil Agarwal

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