Create More Space with Fabulous Decorative Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Unlike the past when the modular kitchenwas meant only as a place to cook, it is now the most integral part of any home. The modular kitchen now encompasses a prime place, where the cooking is done with pleasant chitchat with friends or helping kids with their homework or having a cup of coffee with your spouse. So, it is mandatory to keep such significant place looking nice and comfy. Below are listed some ways by which you can decorate your small modular kitchen and make it appear elegant as well as welcoming.

Light Shades Create Space

An artistically decorated and nicely painted modular kitchen looks inviting and makes the space perfect for everyday banter. An ample range of kitchen items in various paints and emulsions is available that suit your pocket and attach opulence to your space. To decorate small modular kitchen you should opt for light colors. Light colors, like white or pale yellow will make your modular kitchen appear big and beautiful.  Brightly colored or lightly colored, good quality of furniture will enhance the effect. It is a good idea to match the color of cupboards to the color on the modular kitchen walls to get the best look.

                                      kitchen design ideas for small kitchens 

Install Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances set within their units will save you valuable work surface space, and you will get additional space for storage and to work in the modular kitchen .               

Tall Units are helpful

You must use every inch of space accessible, whether your kitchen is being compressed into a clumsily shaped space or is going through a renovation. Always select tall units not only to utilize the maximum storage space but to make your modular kitchen nice and clutter free.

                                       small kitchen design ideas

Select Reflective layers

If you are a person who loves drama and color to spice up things, then apply this approach to your modular kitchen. Reflective wall treatments, reflective cabinet fronts, lighter tiles with more reflecting surface will help your kitchen feel intriguing and more spacious.

                             kitchen design layout ideas 

Sleek is Best

Always go for sleek looks as it provides the feel of bigger modular kitchen . A small modular kitchen benefits from being delicate in its approach. That means to shut your modular kitchen behind sliding doors when it is not being used or to choose units that are underplay to be noticed.

Under Lights are Essential

You can make your modular kitchen more interesting by adding lighting under the cabinet. With proper lighting, you can make your modular kitchen appear larger and brighter.



 by Kapil Agarwal

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