Cool Lounge Area Designs for your Home

If you are asked about creating a cozy space that sets the tone of your home interiors, we know you would choose the living room. This space or a part of it can be turned into a relaxed lounge area that can serve as an ideal place for reading and relaxation. Entertaining guests and having a cup of tea over friendly banter, watching television…no matter the purpose, the basics of a comfortable lounge area include a sofa, coffee table, entertainment center, etc. Browse through these 3 designs and be sure to comment below about your personal favorites.

Add a Dash of Colour



The balance of vibrant shades of blues and orange is brought out beautifully in this lounge area design . You can create a fun hangout area with the use of these colours to make your room appear brighter. The addition of pendant lamps against a deep blue ceiling brings about a stylish appearance to the room. If your room is already in a shade of beige and brown, use a bright armchair and funky cushion covers to stamp an individual style statement to your interior design.

Lasting Impressions with Skylights 


If your room has few windows or less access to natural light as seen in the above image, use a skylight as a part of your interior design. Skylights use direct or indirect natural light during the day and can be fitted to create a light diffusing effect. Use a translucent glaze that will minimize the glare of the rays of the sun. Talk with your decorator if you wish to experiment.

Cozy Lounge Area in the Outdoors


If your home has an outdoor space that overlooks the garden or gives a scenic view, you can turn it into a decorative lounge area. Use weather resistant materials that should also be easy to clean. Use of beige and browns will create a subtle effect. In the above image, the interesting effect of the roof leaves a cool patterned shade giving just the right amount of light. If space is a limitation, design your lounge area with compact furniture. Just an L-shaped bench paired with a comfy sofa and a table to hold your drinks will be suitable for small spaces. You can relax with your friends and enjoy the sunset over interesting conversations.


Share your ideas for lounge areas. We would love to read them!


by Kapil Agarwal 


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