Beautiful Ways Of Decorating High Ceilings

While deciding on the interiors of the house, most people find it a little tough to decide on how to decorate high ceilings. High ceilings can actually make or break the entire look of your room or your home. With a little imagination you can do a lot of good to your high ceilings.

1. Using the height correctly – You can add architectural details in your room around the windows and doors. These carved artistic works can easily flatter anyone who looks at it. You can also hang a big painting or an art work just above your sofa to fill your wall and decorate your room.

2. Don’t let the space get counted – If you are blessed with high ceiling, make sure that you use it wisely. Keep the topography of your place in mind. By topography we mean that the empty spaces on your wall shouldn’t be visible at eye level. You can add lighting to fill the space and decorate your room.

3. The need of intimacy – You can also make the environment a little cozy by using proper lightings. Hanging a grand piece of art in your room would also allow people to fix their eyes on something. This won’t give the feeling of emptiness in the room. You can also try painting different colors on the wall to give the feeling of fulfillers.


The need of intimacy


4. Usage of curtains – Using larger curtains would certainly complement the grand and royal look of your house which occurs due to high ceilings. Choosing appropriate colored curtains can add a homely feeling to the house which is much needed for the home with tall ceilings. You can go for white, red or even black curtains to have a great look.


Usage of curtains


Having high ceilings can definitely give a royal look to the house however; if the space is left empty and not used appropriately then it can deprive the house from the feeling of homeliness. Lightings, curtains, art pieces, wall paintings, clocks can help you in filling the space that lets your eye wander like a rafter.

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