Basement Paint Ideas Part II

Basement is an ideal place to display your personal taste by choosing appropriate home paint colour. You can experiment with different types of home paint colours that you are generally not able to do for the rest of the rooms of your home. There are certain colours that we secretly wish to have on the walls of our home but do not go for as the uncertainty about the final look intimidates us. Hence, in order to clear your doubts and apprehensions we have brought you some fabulous colour schemes that will let you experiment makes your basement walls look spectacular at the same time.



1. Pomegranate colour

The deep rich pomegranate colour entices everyone but what worries most of us is that it will make dark basement look even darker. However, there is a secret for using such colours on your basement wall and that is lighting. Appropriate and adequate lighting ensures that your basement doesn’t appear darker with bold colours on its walls. You can also pair the spirited red wall paint colour with black and white in order to transform your basement into a media room.

2. Yellow Colour 

The rich bright yellow colour reminds one of the bright mornings that resembles sunshine. It is particularly useful for the basements that are far from the reach of natural light. Such colour is ideal if you are planning to transform your basement into a guest room, office or a playroom. However, adequate lighting for your basement will be a requirement still even if you choose the brightest and light colour.

3. Purple

If you are bored of regular blues or greens and are looking for something more exciting then think about going for purple. Purple colour not only adds vibrancy to the place, it rekindles the creativity and playfulness from within. This makes it an ideal choice for a sports room or gym.
Depending on the purpose of transforming your basement, you can choose different colours that serve your purpose. Hence, the focus on what you want to make out of your basement should be clear. This will help you clear the clouds about what colour you want to go for or experiment with.

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