Basement Kitchen Ideas

What an amazing feeling it is to own two modular kitchens in the same home. One is your primary modular kitchen while another could be built in your basement. This is especially useful for large families or for huge gatherings. However, it can solve other purpose too such as providing you with extra storage space for your modular kitchen crockery. A basement with a modular kitchen can function as an independent unit of home where your teenagers can learn and experiment with cooking. You can also rent your basement in order to earn some extra bucks. To have a second modular kitchen in your basement also increases the resale value of your home.  Let us explore some of the interior design ideas for basement modular kitchen. 


1. Appliances

Most commonly used appliances in basement modular kitchens are refrigerator drawers, wine coolers, ice makers, beverage coolers, microwave ovens and dishwashers. Microwave ovens are available in various sizes. They can be installed in different places such as on and under a counter or can fit into a wall. Similarly other appliances can be installed under the counter.

2. Cabinet storage

Cabinet plays a critical role in any kitchen for the sheer purpose of storage. There are certain criterias that you need to check before getting your storage cabinets built such as how many cabinet drawers would be needed for storing your crockery, utensils and glasses, how deep the cabinets should be, etc.

3. Sinks

There are different types of sinks available in the market made up of different materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, etc. Opt for a sink that gives a finished look and is highly functional at the same time. After choosing the type of sink, choose the orientation of the sink i.e. where the sink would be placed.

4. Counters

The most common options for basement countertops are stone, quartz, granite and laminate. Good quality laminate imitates the look of a stone and are affordable. Look out for different edge options for your basement modular kitchen countertop in order to give your countertop a unique look. If you are planning to get a sink installed then backsplash options are also required to be kept in mind.

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