Adding a Natural Elegance with Bamboo

Known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, the humble bamboo plant has taken a stylish avatar to find its way into the modern homes of today.  This is an environment-friendly option which is offered in a variety of styles, hues and finish by furniture manufacturers. Bamboo can be used creatively to give your home an artistic feel with its natural elegant beauty. You will be amazed with the stunning shapes that bamboo can be molded to give your interiors a much-needed boost! 

Bamboo used as Roman Shades




While Roman shades are often a preferred option in wood and fabric material, bamboo takes the center stage to create an elegant feel. It gives a sleek and clean look to the living room and dining area. Dark brown or beige bamboo shades can be combined with pearl white curtains to bring a beautiful contrast of colors. Sheer bamboo shades allow enough light to brighten up the interiors in a subtle way.

Bamboo Cabinets for added Durability


Bamboo for kitchen cabinets may create a ripple of worry for most people. However, contrary to the belief that bamboo may deteriorate easily, this is quite an excellent material for its beautiful appearance and durability. Such cabinets can be renewed in a period of 5 years with complete ease and at a reasonable price. Look for high-quality furniture that is resistant to denting and chipping. A natural hue is most suitable for the kitchen but you can also opt for a darker shade if stains are an issue. 

Adding Style with Bamboo Decor


While many homes or restaurant spaces love to create an Asian look with bamboo, you don’t really need to go overboard with all the elements. This contemporary coffee table that consists of different size bamboo poles makes a beautiful style statement! Keep designs fresh and look for a variety of shades, textures and shapes to complement your interiors. Being light-weight, such a décor item can be easily shifted to give interiors a fresh look.

Some Things to Remember:


  • Purchase only the best quality bamboo furniture from reputed dealers
  • Ensure they are free from harmful chemicals
  • Look for surfaces that have been sanded properly

With over 1600 species of bamboo, we are sure you cannot resist its natural charm! Do share your photos and stories in the comments below. 


by Kapil Agarwal

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