5 Creative Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decor is one of the most underrated ways to completely change a space. This isn’t a call for fancy artwork but to really utilise creativity in ways that are artsy and evocative of the people who reside there. The artwork on the can wall says a lot about you, and detached paintings by random artists is the least befitting. Let’s look at ways to combine utility and art, and create unique pieces for the home.

Starched Fabric Feature Wall

Fabric Walls look beautiful and can easily be pulled off the wall, and even washed and used again if necessary. It is ideal for people who move a lot or do not want to try anything too drastic on their walls. Once the fabric panels are dipped in starch, they can go directly on the wall. It’s as simple as that.


Mix it up with the Photos

Photo collages are too overdone on walls. Try to mix it up a little bit by adding a bunch of quotes and wall decals to milieu, to mix it up a little bit. Suddenly instead of just reminiscing, you have a wall that says a lot about you, your sense of aesthetic and values you believe in.


Family Tree Mural

If, however, you do have a large number of pictures you want displayed anyway, add some flair to it! Do a family tree wall mural...It’s inclusive and beautiful.


Plate Collage

A collage in itself can be more creatively worked out. Instead of large cabinets that showcase cutlery , or the usual collages, try something a bit different. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Put the plates on the wall instead. Ornate decor that is classy and different.



Wall decor can also double up as utilitarian shelves. Vintage suitcases are quite the quirky rage at the moment. The insides can be used as normal storage and the tops can be used as display counters.


by Kapil Agarwal

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