10 ways to retain the property value of your home

To capitalize on the value of your home with constant flare up in the housing prices these days, it is very important to find novel ways with new improvements in the market. It becomes highly likely to loose on the value of your home if you do not keep upgrading it. Veteran real estate professionals say that it is always good to find ways of retaining the property value of your home whether you are selling it today or sometimes in near future. There are always chances that your home can lose its value over the time because of the damage inflected by some natural calamity or wear and tear or for hundreds of other reasons. In this context it is always advisable to take up the remodeling of structures such as bathroom, kitchen or certain portion of your home. You can always take help by doing online research, or finding out the right professional who can help you. 





Most of the home owners find it difficult to start with the remodeling work for boosting the value of their home. They need guidance from professionals to get clear on what project to undertake first. For example there can be always ambiguity on whether to start the repainting work or do the kitchen remodeling first. A professional can even help you with the important tools needed to get the work done.

There are certain suggested tools to help you with the whole process:

1)      Consult a Professional

Consult a realtor to get help on finding out, which part of your home needs renovation. An experienced person will obviously have plethora of ideas to get started and retain and maintain the value of your home. You may or may not have to pay for the same as some of them will do it as a courtesy while some can charge a hefty sum of money as consultation fee. You can look for several professionals in your area and accordingly find the one suitable to take up your project. He can give you several creative ideas on the same. A professional’s suggestion as compared to your ideas will give your home a long lasting and refreshing look. Even a small furniture replacement or a paint color will rejuvenate the look and feel.

       2)      Scrutinize all the corners of home which need improvement

It is important to hire a professional to scrutinize the parts of your home which you usually do not pay heed to. It is not always true that home renovation is for the purpose of interior decoration. Sometimes it may be for mending the deteriorating roofs, termite infestations or outdated wiring. Somebody who has been in the job for long can find several places which needs to be repaired which can add up to the value of your home. These problem which seem very small to you, can become bigger if not repaired at right time and can eat up a large chunk of money.

      3)      Repaint with vibrant colors

One of the most important and cost-effective way of giving a refreshing look to your home is getting it repainted. After repainting, everything looks vibrant, clean and refreshing which evidently adds on to the value of the home. You can go online to search for a suitable color for your home or various other sources would help. Always keep in mind that, a neutral color suits most of the people. You can yourself at short intervals involve yourself in the painting  process.

     4)      Get help from other sources other than a professional

You can take inspirations from sources like related books and magazines, blogs, TV shows, Websites and people who have done it for their homes. Taking ideas from these sources you can make your own list. Keeping it simple will positively affect your budget and save your money for other projects.

     5)      Optimize your spending on energy

You can maximize energy efficiency and cut out expenditure on energy by getting an audit by a company’s professional. There are various companies which provide free audit. They will advise you on how to enhance the energy efficiency and save money.

     6)      Remodel your bathroom


Any small change like replacing dated wallpaper or replacing lighting, made to your bathroom will enhance its value. Bathroom remodeling are always smart ideas without denting your home.




7)      Remodel your kitchen

Kitchen is that part of your home whose small updation can add a lot of value to the overall value of your home. Get certain portion of the kitchen repaired and replaced, you do not have to start from the scratch to accomplish your task. You can do it by swapping out certain items like a torn out sink or an old microwave or an outdated refrigerator. Even a small change will add a lot of bang for your buck and increase its value.

       8)      Replace torn carpets or rugs

Replacing the torn out carpet and renewing the flooring will augment the attractiveness of the room. It is not always necessary to do the flooring for the entire home your budget may not allow you to do so; you can opt to do it for the portion which shows the most wear and tear.

      9)      Keep maintaining and repairing

Maintenance is more important than anything else as it will reduce further expenses on it. You can compile a list of every small thing by looking at all the corners of the home minutely which needs to be repaired. This list will make your work easier and you will be able to take care of your home at regular intervals. You will not find enough enthusiasm to work on the repair work, if you noticed only a room which needs to be repaired but an added sum of repair work when you will notice will encourage you work on it ardently. You can hire a handyman, if you are not able to handle the list on your own, he will help you to disappear your to do list. Regular maintenance will save you from many problems down the road.

    10)      Add energy efficient fixtures


Replace old fixtures with new energy efficient once, a functional ceiling fan will improve look as well as the functionality but an outdated fan making so much noise is only a useless thing. An old fashioned bath water faucet in your bathroom reduces the value of your home. You can make a list of all such fixtures by looking precisely at all the corners of the home and then can find some contemporary replacement for them. You can take help from either a professional or can find options upon research online or through magazines and books.  




Other ways to boosting the value of your home:

  •   Plant trees

Planting trees will not only make your home greener and pleasant to once eyes but it will also reduce the cost of cooling. Wide landscaping will also reduce the health issues by making the atmosphere around your home clean. Apart from that low maintenance landscaping will further enhance the greener appeal of any home.

  •  Install a water filtration system

It can help you through saving money; apart from purifying water it will also lower your grocery bill.

  •  Effective balance of color

Using effective and eye-catching color on the exterior of your home can add thousands of dollars to its value and hence enhance the market value of the home.

  •  Balancing the air quality inside the  home

There may be thousands of reasons which could be responsible for contaminants or allergens in your home and which could be responsible for deteriorating the quality of air in your home. One reason could be an old and torn out carpet. To find out the quality of air in and around your home you can hire a professional. It is always a better option to replace the old carpets with environmental friendly floor laminations or products like tile. Hard surfaces are comparatively more alluring and easier to clean. They give your home fresh and cleaner look.

  •  Update the Lawn

To avoid your lawn around your house look untidy, patchy and overgrown, it is always advisable to get rid of outsized bushes. It is not a herculean task to do the taming of your overgrown jungle. You can either do it on your own or can hire a professional to do it for you.

It is important to take consultation from the contractors who can advise you on what project to be taken up and what should be the purpose of remodeling. The prior experience of the professional will help you in making right choice for the house remodeling. Along with this you can enrich your knowledge on the same by reading blogs online and reading from other sources like magazines and company’s websites.

An overall renovation process will enhance your home’s appearance and value. You can improve and retain the property value of home by redoing certain structures and thus keep it worth living and even keeping it valuable for future and sell.





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